Workshops / lectures

We offer you tailor-made lectures and workshops on the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of fiber composite technology
  • Repair of fibre composite materials
  • Curing process for fibre composite materials, shims and sealants

 We will be happy to provide you with material samples as well as a product selection. If necessary, you will of course get a digital handout, as well as image material which you can reuse for free.

Our topics include the following topics:

Fundamentals of fiber composite technology
- What are fiber composites
- materials, fiber types and assembly
- Manufacturing process
- Matrix system
- Recycling of fiber composite material

Repairs to fiber joints
- Regulations
- Types of occupations lamination types
- Sequence of repairs
- Calculate the repair size
- Prepare the repair surface
- Standard procedures / repair options
- vacuum process

Rework and repair of fiber joints, see MTEC
- Difference reworking and repair
- causes of damage
- Types of damage and their assessment
- Repair process
- Mechanical machining
- State of automation
- Repair options
- Quality assurance

heat applications
- Possibilities of heat treatment during repair
- Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
- Positioning of thermocouples
- Requirement for control and regulation

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