TeQua®-FlexInHeat* Induction heating mat

With our newest development of an extremely flexible heating blanket based on the induction technology of our partner German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart we offer in combination with our control units an optimal system to replace conventional heating blankets.
This is used wherever conventional heating blankets are not suitable or provide poor thermal results.

TeQua®-FlexInHeat is superior in the quality of heating up any composite part. You are free in the geometry and shape of a repair field size. Even the smallest radius or complex component surfaces can be heated very homogeneously.

The advantage for you is a flexible heating tool that must not specially adapted for every heating task.

> Seperation between inductive and heating blanket
> Free size and geometry of heating blanket, even complex shapes
> No heat distribution in surrounding areas
> Precise regulation of temperature
> Very fast heating up ramps

> Composite Rework & Repair
> Drying
> Hot bonding

*FlexInHeat is a registered trademark of German Aerospace Center
(DLR) in Stuttgart


TeQua®-FlexInHeat strongly beats the therm quality of a conventional heating blanket.